Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

wow!! Lelaki ini telah menyentuh 1000 Payudara!!!!

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OK bagi yang belum cukup umur dilarang dari menonton video ini. Ini adalah video dimana seorang lelaki Rusia cuba menyentuh 1000 payudara wanita dan akhirnya mendapat perhatian presiden Rusia dan berjabat tangan dengannya. Apa yang lebih hebat lagi beliau menyentuh payudara dengan izin wanita-wanita Tersebut.

Anda mahu sedikit analisis mengenai video diatas? baca analisis dibawah:

To me it looked like the women fell into 3 different categories for this:

1. Some of them he asked them in advance if he could touch their breasts, before touching their breasts

2. Some of them he didn't ask but just slowly lowered his hands towards their breasts in a super slow and obvious kind of way where it was like body-language-obvious to the woman the he was going in for the squeeze like sort of a "Can I?" but with his hands/body doing the talking instead of actually asking it

3. Some of them he didn't ask, nor did he do a slow move-in play with his hands, but instead just straight up touched their tits to their total surprise.

The reason I think this is:

For category 1, you can tell some of them are like already holding their arms out, with a big laugh/grin on their face, their heads propped back like looking up at the sky with their noses scrunched up, looking as though he already asked them for their permission in advance, and now they were readying themselves for him to do it to them.

For category 2, you can tell some of them are looking at his hands as they slowly move in towards their breasts with a sort of semi-wonderous expression but like they aren't in complete surprise, as if he sort of asked them with his body language while he was moving his hands slowly towards their boobs

And for category 3, you can tell some of them are completely shocked/surprised and jump/flinch super surprisedly when he touches their boobs, like they totally didn't see it coming, and jump back away from him, or shove him, etc

So, imo it seems like it's 3 different categories of approaches he used, over the course of the 1,000 women, with a roughly random distribution of which approach he took. Although some it seems like he used 1 specific method in clusters, like, sometimes you can see in the background that the place where he is is the same place for a few girls in a row, and their reactions are similar for that cluster, as if he sort of uses one approach in one place, and then switches to another approach when he's moved on to a different location. Like, sometimes you'll see 5 or 6 girls all be super surprised/flinch when he does it and shove him in a row, but then not see any get surprised or shove him for like 70 girls in a row after that. That sort of thing.

/grope analysis


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